Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?
– Orson Welles

Isn’t that a great quote? Or like my Polish acting teacher said: Don’t do it, DO IT!

Some people are born on a stage, I was not! I always had a great passion for singing, dancing but I never realized until I was 18 that you don’t have to work 8 to 5. Then I wrote my first song and I made a music video which I received an award for and that Inspired me to continue. I moved to London when I needed a break after school and got a job at Portobello Road in Notting Hill. At night I spent a lot of time at Leicester Square listening to great performers and I discovered a lot of new music. I met a guy who was a great guitar player who started teaching me. I have been playing since.

I became a self-made artist, I did it all from writing and creating to production and promotion, enabling me to understand and bringing me closer to my art. I started to perform in small venues and recorded my first single ””King of the world”. What I didn’t know then was that a few years later I was going to be asked to perform at Stadion arena in Stockholm. The same arena where Michael Jackson did his Dangerous tour. What did I say? Yes of course!

I always dreamt about moving to New York, so I did. I called up a friend who I met 8 years earlier in Italy and he offered me to crash at his place in Harlem. He introduced me to New York and it’s opportunities. I started to do gigs in clubs and bars and my single was well received on the independent scene. I got my own apartment just a short walk from Central Park, one of my favorite spots. New York Film Academy was my next move. I was accepted for the acting for film program and I worked with some of Americas best acting teachers. I put my heart into it and worked around the clock to get the most out my time there. I realized that this had changed my future.

2006 I moved back to Sweden to play ”The artful Dodger” in the musical ”Oliver”. This was one of the largest ”Oliver” productions ever made and it felt great to be a part of it. I learned a lot working with Magnus Boren who played Fagin, one of Sweden’s greatest musical artist.

Stockholm was calling! I found an apartment in the middle of this melting point of creative arts and realized that, even if I had great knowledge in my field of art I didn’t know anybody in the business there. I had to start from scratch building a network. I spent many nights at the theaters watching plays to learn more about directors and my fellow colleagues. I worked hard… audition, meetings with directors, reading scripts, filming, rehearsing, learning more and more of what I needed to know about the business and my self. Things started to happened. I got bigger and bigger parts in movies and plays and my work got recognition….

“Fredrik has starred in major feature films and award winning productions. A very interesting line of choices when it come to character work in more than 90 productions (film, TV and theatre). He´s been compared to actors like Vincent Gallo and Steve Buscemi.

Fredrik starring in Danish TV-Series “DICTE” season 3 (European premier fall 2016) and German mini-series ”Mitten in Deutschland: NSU” directed by award winning director Christian Schwochow. Leading role in Sweden’s first international web series “The Great Dying”, official selection at Marsille webfest “Best web series”, also shown on Chanal + and France TV. Selected by the international jury for the “Northern Lights” at the Berlinale Film Festival 2015″

Believe in what you do, not what other people tell you to
– Fredrik Wagner